PostgreSQL REPEAT() function

REPEAT() function

The PostgreSQL repeat function is used to repeat a specified string to a specified number of times.



PostgreSQL Version: 9.3

Pictorial Presentation of PostgreSQL REPEAT() function

Pictorial presentation of postgresql repeat function

Example: PostgreSQL REPEAT() function:

In the example below, the specified string 'test__' and '*--*' have repeated 5 times each.


SELECT repeat('test___', 5),repeat('*--*', 5);

Sample Output:

             repeat             |        repeat
 test__test__test__test__test__ | *--**--**--**--**--*
(1 row)

Example of PostgreSQL REPEAT() function using column :

Sample Table: employees

The example below returns a format using repeat function. Here in the example below the first_name and last_name have concatenated and a string has been concatenated after repeating a specific time from employees table for department_id 100.


SELECT concat(first_name,' ',last_name) "Name",
concat(repeat('-',3),'>>') " ",job_id "Designation"
FROM employees
WHERE department_id=100;

Sample Output:

       Name        |       | Designation
 Nancy Greenberg   | --->> | FI_MGR
 Daniel Faviet     | --->> | FI_ACCOUNT
 John Chen         | --->> | FI_ACCOUNT
 Ismael Sciarra    | --->> | FI_ACCOUNT
 Jose Manuel Urman | --->> | FI_ACCOUNT
 Luis Popp         | --->> | FI_ACCOUNT
(6 rows)

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