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DELETE Command

This document discusses how to delete data of a table using PostgreSQL DELETE command.


Following is the usage of PostgreSQL DELETE command to delete data of a PostgreSQL table.

DELETE FROM table_name ;

Where table_name is the associated table. Executing this command will delete all the rows of the associated table.

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE condition;

If you don't want to delete all of the rows of a table, but some specific rows which match the "condition", execute the above.

DELETE all rows of table

Structure of the table

Following is the structure of the table whose data will be deleted.

update data table structure

Data Before deletion

data before update

Command to delete data


This command will delete all of the rows of the book table.

DELETE specific rows of a table

DELETE FROM book WHERE price < 25.00

This command will delete all the rows, which stores information about a book, whose price is less than 25.00.

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