SQL Exercise: 2nd highest stoppage time in the 2nd half of matches

SQL soccer Database: Joins Exercise-23 with Solution

23. From the following tables, write a SQL query to find those match(s) where the second highest amount of stoppage time was added in the second half of the match. Return match number, country name and stoppage time.

Sample table: match_mast

Sample table: match_details

Sample table: soccer_country

Sample Solution:

SQL Code:

SELECT a.match_no, c.country_name, a.stop2_sec
FROM match_mast a
JOIN match_details b ON a.match_no=b.match_no
JOIN soccer_country c ON b.team_id=c.country_id
WHERE (2-1) = (
FROM match_mast b
WHERE b.stop2_sec > a.stop2_sec);

Sample Output:

 match_no | country_name | stop2_sec
       15 | France       |       374
       15 | Albania      |       374
(2 rows)

Code Explanation:

The said query in SQL that retrieves data from the tables match_mast, match_details, and soccer_country. It selects the match number, country name, and stop2_sec columns from the respective tables.
The JOIN clause joins the table match_mast on match_no with match_details, and match_details on team_id with soccer_country.
Filters the data based on the condition that the difference between the number 2 and the number 1 is equal to the count of distinct stop2_sec values in match_mast table that are greater than the stop2_sec value in the current row of match_mast table.

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Sample Database: soccer

soccer database relationship structure

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Database: SQL Server

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