Python: Create a new list taking specific elements from a tuple and convert a string value to integer

Python map: Exercise-9 with Solution

Write a Python program to create a new list taking specific elements from a tuple and convert a string value to an integer.

Sample Solution:

Python Code :

student_data  = [('Alberto Franco','15/05/2002','35kg'), ('Gino Mcneill','17/05/2002','37kg'), ('Ryan Parkes','16/02/1999', '39kg'), ('Eesha Hinton','25/09/1998', '35kg')]
print("Original data:")
students_data_name = list(map(lambda x:x[0], student_data))
students_data_dob = list(map(lambda x:x[1], student_data))
students_data_weight = list(map(lambda x:int(x[2][:-2]), student_data))
print("\nStudent name:")
print("Student name:")
print("Student weight:")

Sample Output:

Original data:
[('Alberto Franco', '15/05/2002', '35kg'), ('Gino Mcneill', '17/05/2002', '37kg'), ('Ryan Parkes', '16/02/1999', '39kg'), ('Eesha Hinton', '25/09/1998', '35kg')]

Student name:
['Alberto Franco', 'Gino Mcneill', 'Ryan Parkes', 'Eesha Hinton']
Student name:
['15/05/2002', '17/05/2002', '16/02/1999', '25/09/1998']
Student weight:
[35, 37, 39, 35]

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