PL/SQL Cursor Exercises: Display the first name, job title and start date of employees

PL/SQL Cursor: Exercise-42 with Solution

Write a block in PL/SQL to display the first name, job title and start date of employees.

Sample Solution:

PL/SQL Code:

  cursor employees_cur is
   select employee_id, first_name, last_name, job_title , hire_date
   from employees natural join jobs;
   emp_st_date  date;
dbms_output.put_line( rpad('Employee Name',30) || rpad('Job Title',35)|| 'Starting Date');
   for employee_rec in employees_cur
       -- find out most recent end_date in job_history
       select max(end_date) + 1 into emp_st_date
       from job_history
       where employee_id = employee_rec.employee_id;
       if emp_st_date is null then
             emp_st_date :=  employee_rec.hire_date;      
       end if;
       dbms_output.put_line(rpad((employee_rec.first_name||' '||employee_rec.first_name),30) || rpad(employee_rec.job_title,35)
           || to_char(emp_st_date,'dd-mon-yyyy'));
   end loop;

Sample Output:

SQL> /
Employee Name                 Job Title                          Starting Date
William William               Public Accountant                  07-jun-2002
Shelley Shelley               Accounting Manager                 07-jun-2002
Jennifer Jennifer             Administration Assistant           01-jan-2007
Steven Steven                 President                          17-jun-2003
Lex Lex                       Administration Vice President      25-jul-2006
Neena Neena                   Administration Vice President      16-mar-2005
John John                     Accountant                         28-sep-2005
Daniel Daniel                 Accountant                         16-aug-2002
Luis Luis                     Accountant                         07-dec-2007
Ismael Ismael                 Accountant                         30-sep-2005
Jose Manuel Jose Manuel       Accountant                         07-mar-2006
Nancy Nancy                   Finance Manager                    17-aug-2002
Susan Susan                   Human Resources Representative     07-jun-2002


Flowchart: Display the first name, job title and start date of employees

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