C++ Exercises: Calculate Simple Interest

C++ Basic: Exercise-54 with Solution

Write a C++ program to enter P, T, R and calculate Simple Interest.

Sample Solution:

C++ Code :

using namespace std;

int main()
	int p,r,t,i;
		cout << "\n\n Calculate the Simple Interest :\n";
		cout << " -----------------------------------\n"; 	
	cout<<" Input the Principle: ";
	cout<<" Input the Rate of Interest: ";
	cout<<" Input the Time: ";
	cout<<" The Simple interest for the amount "<<p<<" for "<<t<<" years @ "<<r<<" % is: "<<i;
        cout << endl;
	return 0;

Sample Output:

 Calculate the Simple Interest :                                       
 Input the Principle: 20000                                            
 Input the Rate of Interest: 10                                        
 Input the Time: 1.5                                                   
 The Simple interest for the amount 20000 for 1 years @ 10 % is: 2000


Flowchart: Calculate Simple Interest

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