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Python Interview Questions and Answers: Comprehensive Guide

Kotlin Exercises with Solution

Scala Exercises, Practice, Solution

26 September, 2023

TensorFlow Building and training a simple model: Exercises and solutions

Creating a TensorFlow placeholder with variable batch size

Defining a TensorFlow constant Tensor for Neural Network Weights

Performing matrix multiplication with TensorFlow in Python

Building a Feedforward neural network in TensorFlow

Creating a TensorFlow placeholder for 3D Images

Defining a mean squared error (MSE) loss function in TensorFlow

Implementing a categorical cross-entropy loss function in TensorFlow

Python TensorFlow custom loss function

Custom loss function in TensorFlow for positive and negative examples

25 September, 2023

Python Tkinter file operations and integration exercises

Python Tkinter text editor app with file operations

Python Tkinter CSV viewer with tabular display

Python Tkinter CSV data entry and writer

Python Tkinter JSON viewer

Python Tkinter audio player

Python Tkinter log viewer

Python Tkinter Calendar App

Python Excel data viewer with Tkinter

Python Tkinter password manager

Python web browser with Tkinter

Python SQLite database with Tkinter

Python Tkinter CRUD application with SQLite

23 September, 2023

TensorFlow Basics: Exercises and Solutions for Beginners

Python TensorFlow constant: Shape and data type

Python TensorFlow element-wise addition

Python TensorFlow create and update tensor shape

Python TensorFlow scalar multiplication

Python TensorFlow dot product of two vectors

Python TensorFlow eager execution

Python TensorFlow graph and session

Python TensorFlow matrix initialization and print

Understanding TensorFlow variables and constants

TensorFlow constant and variable operations in Python

Updating TensorFlow variables within a session in Python

Updating TensorFlow variables in Python

Common TensorFlow data types in Python

Specified TensorFlow Data Type in Python

Convert TensorFlow Tensor data type in Python

Create and print TensorFlow string tensor in Python

22 September, 2023

Python exception hierarchy and Its role in exception handling

Using the "except" statement without specifying an exception type in Python

Catching multiple exceptions in Python with a single except block

Catching specific exceptions in Python with multiple except blocks

Understanding the else block in Python Try-Except

21 September, 2023

Python PyQt event handling - Exercises and solutions

Event-Driven programming in PyQt5 with Python

Capture and display mouse events in PyQt5 with Python

Python PyQt keyboard event handling example

Python PyQt custom button example

Python PyQt custom widget with keyboard shortcuts

Python PyQt drag and drop labels example

Python PyQt mouse tracking example

Python PyQt5 drawing application

Python PyQt5 image annotation application

Python PyQt5 digital clock widget

20 September, 2023

Python PyQt connecting signals to slots - Exercises and solutions

Python PyQt button click example

Python PyQt button actions example

Python PyQt text updater application

Python PyQt slider application

Python PyQt comboBox example

Python PyQt button click example

Python PyQt custom signal example

Python PyQt character counter notepad

Python PyQt simple calculator

Python PyQt radio button example

Python PyQt close window confirmation

Python PyQt time display

Python PyQt checkbox example

Python PyQt menu example

Python PyQt keyboard shortcut example

19 September, 2023

Python PyQt Widgets Exercises and Solutions

Python PyQt program - Display Hello, PyQt!

Python PyQt program - Yes or No buttons

Python PyQt program - Simple text editor

Python PyQt program - Color picker

Python PyQt program - Button color changer

Python PyQt program - Customize appearance

Python PyQt program - Image viewer

Python PyQt program - Temperature converter

Python login form with PyQt - User authentication

Python numeric keypad with PyQt - Button grid

Python chat application with PyQt - Messaging interface

Python custom progress bar widget with PyQt

18 September, 2023

Python PyQt basic exercises and solutions

Python PyQt5 blank window example

Python PyQt5 basic application with widgets

Python PyQt5 window with multiple widgets and layouts

Creating a text display application with PyQt

Python PyQt text display application

Creating a custom widget with PyQt

Creating a custom widget in PyQt

Building a basic calculator with Python and PyQt

Customizing widget behavior with PyQt event handling

Creating a dialog box in PyQt

14 September, 2023

Python Tkinter custom widgets and themes Exercises and Solutions

Creating custom buttons with Python Tkinter

Designing custom checkboxes in Python Tkinter

Customizing Tkinter entry Widgets with themes

Customizing Tkinter radio buttons with distinct styles

Customizing Tkinter slider widget with a unique theme

Creating a custom Tabbed interface in Python with Tkinter

Creating a custom combobox in Python with Tkinter

Creating themed labels in Python with Tkinter

Creating custom tooltips in Python with Tkinter

Creating a custom color picker in Python with Tkinter

Creating a circular progress indicator in Python with Tkinter

Creating a custom scrollbar widget in Python with Tkinter

13 September, 2023

Python Tkinter events and event handling - Exercises and Solutions

Python Tkinter message box example

Python Tkinter label and button example

Python Tkinter simple calculator example

Python Tkinter Listbox example with event handling

Python Tkinter Color Picker Example

Python Tkinter name input and message display

Python Tkinter file explorer - Browse and display folder contents

Python Tkinter Text Editor - Open and Save Text Files

Python Tkinter drawing App - Freehand drawing and undo

Python Tkinter timer App - Countdown timer