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Python Interview Questions and Answers: Comprehensive Guide

Scala Exercises, Practice, Solution

100 Python Projects for Beginners with solution

08 February, 2024

Python Program: Maximum connection Pool size analysis

Python Program: Observing urllib3 Response compression handling

Python Program: Custom Redirect Handling with urllib3

Python Retry Mechanism with incremental timeouts

Python Event Hooks for Request and Response Customization

Python URL Parsing and Modification for Requests

Python HTTP Request with Manual response decompression

05 February, 2024

Implementing Retry Mechanism in Python urllib3 for Resilient HTTP Requests

Logging HTTP Requests in Python urllib3: Understanding Request Hooks

Making API Requests with digest authentication in Python urllib3

Creating a session for multiple Requests with Python urllib3 PoolManager

Implementing a Custom SSL Context for Secure HTTPS requests in Python urllib3

Implementing Retry Mechanism in Python urllib3 for Resilient HTTP Requests

Python file upload with urllib3: Making POST Requests simplified

Python Large File Download with Stream Parameter example

Python File Upload: Simulate POST request with multipart/Form-Data

03 February, 2024

Python urllib3 Exercises and Solutions for HTTP Requests

Python HTTP GET Request to Public API example

Python HTTP GET Request with custom Headers Example

Python HTTP GET Request with Query parameters example

Python POST Request to Sample API with Data example

Python GET Request with Timeout example

Python Multiple Requests with Connection Pooling Example

Python Redirect Handling and final URL example

Python HTTPS Requests with and without SSL/TLS verification example

Python HTTP Request with Network Exception Handling Exampl

Python Large File Download with Stream Parameter example

02 February, 2024

Python Pendulum Module - Exercises, Solutions, and Examples

30 January, 2024

C Programming Exercises, Practice, Solution : While Loop

C Program to Print numbers from 0 to 10 and 10 to 0 using While loops

C Program: Calculate sum of positive integers using while loop

C Program to calculate product of numbers 1 to 5 using while loop

C Program: Detect duplicate numbers using while loop

C Program: Guess the number game using while loop

C Program: Calculate Factorial with while loop and User-entered positive integer

C Program: User input validation with While Loop for minimum 8-Character username

C Program: Sum of Cubes of Even Numbers up to 20 using While loop

C Program: Palindrome check using While loop

C Program: Print first 10 Fibonacci numbers - While loop

C Program to Print multiplication table using while loop

29 January, 2024

C Programming Exercises, Practice, Solution : Do While Loop

C Program to Print numbers from 1 to 10 and 10 to 1 using Do-While Loop

C Program: Calculate Sum of positive integers using Do-While Loop

C Program: Calculate Sum of even and odd numbers (1-50) with Do-While Loops

C Program: Calculate Sum of entered numbers with Do-While Loop

C Program: Guess the number game with Do-While Loop

C Program: Calculate Sum of squares of digits with Do-While Loop

C Program: Calculate average of user input numbers

C Program: Password authentication with Do-While Loop

C Program: Calculate sum of Prime numbers with Do-While Loop

C Program: Counting digits in an integer using Do-While Loop

C Program: Calculating compound interest with User input Loop

C Program: Reversing a number using a Do-While loop

19 January, 2024

Mastering NumPy: 100 Exercises with solutions for Python numerical computing

09 January, 2024

Finding index of maximum and minimum values in a NumPy array

Reshaping a 1D NumPy array into a 2D array

Slicing and extracting a portion of a NumPy array

Concatenating NumPy Arrays Vertically

Matrix Multiplication with NumPy

Cumulative sum of a NumPy array

Generating and identifying unique values in a NumPy array

Sorting Pandas DataFrame by values: Python data manipulation

Applying custom function to salary: Pandas DataFrame operation

Renaming columns in Pandas DataFrame

Transposing DataFrame: Pandas data manipulation

Merging Pandas DataFrames on multiple columns

Aggregating data in Pandas: Multiple functions example

Extracting date and time from Pandas DateTime

Resampling Time-Series in a Pandas DataFrame

Rolling Calculation in Pandas DataFrame

Cross-Tabulation in Pandas: Analyzing DataFrame categories

08 January, 2024

Java Unit Test: Exercises, Solutions, and Practice

Java Unit Test Case: Asserting Expected method returns

Java Test Case: Exception Testing

Java JUnit Test Case: Test Setup and Teardown

Java Parameterized test with JUnit: MultiplyTest example

Java Timeout test with JUnit: Timeout Test example

Java ignored test Case with JUnit: IgnoredTest example

Java Custom Assertion Example: Providing Meaningful feedback in tests

Java Testing Private methods with reflection: ExampleClass demonstration

Testing Java Singleton class for Multi-Threading with JUnit

Java Application Integration testing with JUnit: UserService and OrderService Interaction

06 January, 2024

Pandas and NumPy Exercises, Practice, Solution for Data Analysis

Loading a CSV file into a Pandas DataFrame with Python

Generating a Pandas DataFrame from a NumPy array with custom column names in Python

Selecting rows based on multiple conditions in Pandas DataFrame

Selecting the first and last 7 rows in a Pandas DataFrame

Filtering rows based on a column condition in Pandas DataFrame

Creating a new column with NumPy operation in Pandas DataFrame

Merging DataFrames based on a common column in Pandas

Filtering DataFrame rows by column values in Pandas using NumPy array

Performing element-wise addition in Pandas DataFrame with NumPy array

Applying NumPy function to DataFrame column in Python

Calculating correlation matrix for DataFrame in Python

Calculating cumulative sum in Pandas DataFrame with NumPy array

Grouping DataFrame by column and calculating mean in Python

Reshaping Pandas DataFrame with pivot_table in Python

Replacing missing values with column mean in Pandas DataFrame

Creating Histogram with NumPy and Matplotlib in Python

Normalizing numerical column in Pandas DataFrame with Min-Max scaling

Removing duplicate rows in Pandas DataFrame

Performing element-wise addition in NumPy arrays

Calculating the dot product of NumPy arrays

19 December, 2023

C Programming Exercises: Graph Structure and Algorithms

Graph Representation in C Using Adjacency Matrix

Add Vertex to existing Graph: C Program Example

C Program to add directed edge in Graph

Program for DFS traversal in Graph

Breadth-First Search (BFS) Traversal in Graph: C Program Example

Cycle detection in Graph: C Program implementation

Topological sorting of directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) in C

Prim's Algorithm for minimum Spanning Tree in C

Dijkstra's Algorithm for shortest paths in C

Binary Tree traversal in C: In-Order, Pre-Order, Post-Order

13 December, 2023

C Programming Tree Exercises: Binary Trees, Traversals, and AVL Trees

C Program: Binary Tree creation with user input

C Program: In-order traversal of Binary Tree for sorted elements

C Program: Binary search Tree insertion with sorted in-order traversal

C Program: Calculate height of Binary Tree with graceful handling

C Program: Binary Tree deletion with BST maintenance

C Program: Binary Tree mirroring for a mirror image

C Program: Binary Tree level-order traversal

C Program: Expression Tree from Postfix Expression and Evaluation

C Program: Determine Binary Tree path with parget sum

Implementing AVL Tree in C: Insertion and Deletion Operations

09 December, 2023

C Program: Hash Table Implementation and Operations

Basic Hash table implementation in C: Insertion, deletion, and retrieval

Hash Table in C with collision Handling: Insertion, deletion, retrieval

C Program: String Hash function and Hash table

Implementing dynamic resizing in a C Hash table

Hash Table Operations in C: Insert, Delete, and Search

C Program: Calculate Hash table statistics

C Program: Hash Table with Open Addressing

C Program: Collision Resolution Performance Analysis

Creating a Generic Hash table in C for flexible data storage

Creating a spell checker in C using Hash table

08 December, 2023

C Programming Structure Exercises and Solutions

Student Structure in C: Input, display, and average marks calculation

Adding two times using time Structure in C: Example and explanation