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Python: Next number containing only distinct digits

Python: Largest, lowest gap between sorted values of a list

Python: Replace repeated characters with single letters

Python: Two strings contain three letters at the same index

Python: Hash elements

Python: Find the largest odd number in a list of integers

Python: Remove punctuations from a string

Python: Replace a word with hash characters in a string

Python: Capitalize the first letter and lowercases the rest

Python: Count the number of duplicate characters in a string

Python: Divide a list of integers with the same sum value

Python: Count lowercase letters in a list of words

Python: Sum of all list elements except current element

Python: Check a number is a repdigit number or not

Python: Check if a number is a Harshad number or not

Python: Check square root and cube root of a number

Python: Sum of the digits in each number in a list is equal

Python: Check the numbers that are higher than the previous

Python: N x N square consisting only of the integer N

Python: Iterated Cube Root

C: Length of the longest substring in a given string

C: Verify that a string contains valid parentheses

C: Multiple two positive numbers represent as string

C: Reverse all the vowels present in a string

C: Longest Palindromic Substring from a given string

C++: Extract the first n number of vowels from a string

C++: Identify the missing letter in a string

C++: Check whether a string is uppercase or lowercase

C++: Reverse the words of three or more lengths in a string

C++: Find strings that contain a number(s) from a vector

C++: Longest consecutive ones in a binary string

C++: Check a string is a title cased string or not

C++: Insert white spaces between lower and uppercase Letters

C++: Extract the first n number of vowels from a string

C++: Third largest string within a given array of strings

C++: Count the number of unique characters of two strings

C++: Count number of duplicate characters in a given string

C++: First string contains all letters from second string

C++: Add up all the digits between two numbers

Java: Check first string contains letters from the second

C++: Remove all special characters from a given string

C++: Capitalize the first character of each vector element

C++: Create an n x n matrix by taking an integer (n)

C++: Vector elements smaller than its adjacent neighbours

C++: Consecutive Numbers in a vector

Java: Remove a word from a given text

Java: Count duplicate characters in a String

Java: Reverses the words in a string that have odd lengths

Java: Check two consecutive, identical letters in a given string

Java: Missing letter from an array of increasing letters

Java: Negative Dominant

Java: Check whether every digit of a given integer is even

Java: Check all the characters in a string are vowels or not

Java: Largest gap between sorted elements of an array

Java: Consecutive Numbers in an array

Java: Positive and negative values alternate in an array

Java: In an integer, count the number of digits with value 2

Java: Three integers and check whether they are consecutive

Java: Accept three integers and return the middle one

Java: Extract the first digit from an integer

Java: Display the factors of 3 in a given integer

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SQL COUNT() with distinct

JavaScript: HTML Form Validation

SQL Natural Join

SQL Inner Join

SQL Cross Join - w3resource

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Convert Binary to Decimal

MySQL REPLACE() function

SQL Equi Join


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